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In today’s episode we have the opportunity to host an incredible guest – Charlie Cina. For the past 30 years Charlie has worked in high-level sales environments, building sales teams and driving revenue.

Charlie has been helping business owners, sales professionals and entrepreneurs shorten the sales cycle, increase customer acquisition, activate the right mindset to recruit, train and retain the right salespeople for years.

He started his 7-figure business with nothing more than knocking on doors and using a smartphone. Charlie Cina has sold into billion-dollar projects like the Wynn Resort, Palazzo Hotel, Mandarin Oriental, and MGM. He has collaborated and worked with companies like Pepsi, Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction, and the Discovery Channel. Using this proven system allowed him to acquire clients like Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Jon Taffer, Eric Thomas, and numerous others.

In today’s episode: you’ll discover Charlie’s story, find out what his beginnings with the business were like, how the business has evolved over the years, and learn how to become more effective in sales and build valuable relationships?

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