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Our guest today has come a long and difficult way to where he is today. Life gave him a huge reality check – from making thirty thousand dollars a month to having absolutely nothing becoming homeless.

The difficult situation in which he and his family find themselves, made him look at everything through an entire different perspective. This put him in a no-win situation – he simply had to get himself and, above all, his family out of this situation. He got back on his feet and worked with the biggest players in the industry!

In today’s episode: learn about Legacy’s story, how Legacy bounced back from the bottom and started working with some of the biggest players in the industry? How did Legacy get on the stage where millionaires and billionaires performed? About the premiere of the video for Legacy’s debut single – CLAVATE. About the Rise Vegas event co-organized by Legacy, which will take place on May 14th 2021. What does the company founded by Legacy – Board Room Incorporated do?

And much, much more – be sure to check out this episode!

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Legacy – CLAVATE (Official Video)


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