[#114] Get the Knowledge You Need, To Live The Life You Want – CryptoMom2

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Today our guest is a person who provides consulting & education for digital assets, blockchain, NFTs, Bitcoin mining & more – Jacqueline “CryptoMom2” Cooper

She started this journey because she realized she knew nothing about financial markets, cryptocurrency, digital utility coins or how to help her with her retirement…

? The book CryptoMom2 “The Bitcoin Cinderella: The Diary Of Her Blockchain Adventures”:


n today’s episode of Życie Bez Gruchy:

00:00 Introduction

01:06 How did Jacqueline’s adventure with cryptocurrencies begin?

06:06 Why is it important to keep meeting new people?

08:24 Where did the name “CyprtoMom2” come from?

16:45 What is Bitcoin mining?

21:38 How do you prepare for retirement?

23:32 The Bitcoin Cinderella

26:16 Who should reach for Jacqueline’s book and why?

29:00 Quick summary