[#116] Mike Rynart – The Internet Has Made It Never So Easy!

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Our guest is a digital agency owner who helps empower entrepreneurs to build a strong brand, and share their story to the world – Mike Rynart.

Mike helps companies get found online, and help them grow. He combines strategy with powerful technology to move the needle when it comes to your marketing, sales, and customer experience.

? Mike’s agency website: https://oceanskymedia.com/

In today’s episode of Życie Bez Gruchy:

00:00 Introduction

02:10 What did Mike do before starting his own agency?

05:23 Where does Mike come from?

09:30 When and why did Mike decide to start his own agency?

14:28 How has Mike’s move to another continent affected his life?

17:09 How does Ocean Sky Media (Mike’s agency) help its clients?

20:08 Why is branding important, especially early in your career?

21:26 How do you effectively share your story with the world?

25:58 How did Mike transition from Web Developer to Business Owner?


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