Folks, in today’s episode we have got a special treat for you… because he LITERALLY helped change my life soon after I left the orphanage and went out into the real world.

John La Valle specializes in sales, influence, manufacturing performance, team building, management and leadership.

He has been training people at Fortune 100 companies and Persuasion Engineering® workshops around the world alongside Richard Bandler for over 30 years now.

In today’s episode, John will answer a lot of interesting questions:

01:39 How specifically would you define NLP and what are its main benefits (in life and sales)?
08:10 How and why did you get started with NLP?
25:10 Why do some people confuse using NLP with sounding as a “robot” and how to respond to such opinions?
38:48 What is anchoring and how do you make sure that the anchor you cast on someone actually works?
54:42 What is chunking specifically?
01:03:00 Why do people confuse READING/LEARNING with DOING?
01:06:47 What are the differences between proactive and reactive language?
01:26:17 How important is tonality in personal and business contexts?

And much, much more!


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