[#74] Kevin Goedecke – What Germans think about Poland?

In today’s episode, you will find out what Germans think about Poland.

Our guest today has extensive experience with running startups and is the first guest on our podcast to come from Germany – Kevin Goedecke.

Kevin is the founder of Magicul – the only UI UX design file converter. A tool used by freelancers and Fortune 500 companies alike!

In today’s episode Życie Bez Gruchy:

00:00 Introduction

00:41 Where did Marcin meet Kevin?

01:50 Where is he from, and how did Kevin’s business adventure begin?

03:39 Where did Kevin learn to run a business?

06:25 From whom did Kevin learn to be entrepreneurial?

08:41 How did Kevin manage to get his current project to where it is today?

13:18 How did Kevin manage to overcome all the early problems that startups face?

15:33 What weaknesses and strengths in himself does Kevin see over time?

22:05 Why did Kevin come to Poland?

24:02 How has the perception of Poles by Germans changed over the years?

25:45 What contributed to Kevin’s success?

27:35 Where can you find Kevin and his Magicul tool?




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