[#83] Alex Mashinsky – From Zero to Self-Made Billionaire

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Today on the show we have a serial-entrepreneur, innovator, self-made billionaire, born in Ukraine immigrant, Alex Mashinsky who is the founder and CEO of Celsius Network, and personally he’s a husband and dad of 6.

Alex also is the founder of three Unicorns, inventor of VoIP technology that we are now using to communicate online for free, and he has an absolutely incredible life story to share with you all.

In today’s episode Życie Bez Gruchy:

00:00 Introduction 

03:13 Alex’s origin story

04:17 Why does Alex have a Polish last name?

09:10 Humble beginnings in the communist Ukraine

12:31 How did Alex manage to leave Ukraine?

18:43 Alexa’s first company worth more than $1 billion

25:34 Why is Celsius the most important project in Alex’s life?

27:48 What is Alex’s mission?

29:51 Why does Celsius offer much higher rates of interest than banks?

35:41 Celsius offer loans for just 1%
41:08 Could a business also use those loans at 1%?

42:01 Earn $50 for free!

44:42 What are the biggest benefits of taking loans with Celsius?

47:34 What does Doing Good & Doing Well mean to you and how did you come up with it?
51:27 What does Alex’s Friday look like?

55:22 The three most important lessons about money according to Alex

59:37 Where can people learn more about Alex and Celsius?


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