What is it really like to work at Emersoft?

Today’s episode is special because our guests are leaders in our business – they’re on the Front-end and Back-end side: Pawel and Aidas, who you may know from previous episodes of Życie Bez Gruchy.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn about teamwork at Emersoft, what exactly Pawel and Aidas do, their responsibilities, how we scale the business, and much, much more.

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In today’s episode Życie Bez Gruchy:

00:00 Introduction

01:24 Why are Pawel and Aidas together in Manchester?

02:48 What do the guys at Emersoft do?

03:33 What is Aidas responsible for?

04:03 What is Pawel responsible for?

05:00 How does Emerosft work with clients?

10:06 How do the guys help our clients?

10:19 How does Aidas help clients?

11:25 How does Pawel help clients?

12:17 What are the benefits and challenges of being a leader?

16:29 Advice for new people who would like to join the team

18:08 What does Pawel love about working at Emersoft?

19:45 How did Emersoft deal with virus?

22:38 Is Emersoft planning to leave the business?

22:48 How has the pandemic affected work at Emersoft?

26:52 Where do Aidas and Pawel come from?

28:06 What advice can we give to new clients?

31:23 What hobbies do the guys have outside of work?

33:17 Quality and Flexibility 35:52 Advice for juniors and seniors

39:08 How important is it to meet with team members?

41:56 Emersoft will be attending the largest business event in Europe


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