The More Hands You Shake, The More MONEY You Make! – Marcin Ruman on the CryptoMom2 Talk Show

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In this episode, it is Marcin Ruman who is the guest on Jacqueline Cooper’s podcast – CryptoMom2 Talk Show, where he will answer some interesting questions.

It’s a great opportunity to get to know Marcin better, learn more about his business, or why we put so much emphasis on educating people about blockchain technology and WEB 3.0 ✅

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In today’s episode:

00:00 Introduction

03:00 What does Emersoft do?

05:52 How did Marcin start his adventure with business?

10:00 Ccard: All-In-One Smart Business Card

14:00 The More Hands You Shake, The More MONEY You Make

19:44 How does Marcin help business owners?

20:52 How is Web 2.0 different from Web 3.0?

27:09 Why does Marcin want to help people transition to the blockchain world?

32:57 Summary