[#127] 3 Secrets To Building Wealth – Brittney Castro

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Today, our special guest is Brittney Castro.

Brittney is a leading speaker, host, and brand ambassador and has worked alongside top brands like Chase, Mint, ETrade, CNBC, Gemini, AirBnB, Zoom, Altruist, Refinery29, and more to promote financial literacy via media interviews, video content, celebrity, and expert interviews, TV appearances and more.

Additionally, Brittney serves as the in-house CFP® for Mint as well as the Head of Education for Altruist, both roles where she can continue her efforts of spreading financial literacy to the masses through media interviews, video content, and social media campaigns.

Would you like to contact Brittney?

?? Check it out here: https://brittneycastro.me/

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In today’s episode:

00:00 Introduction
02:01 Brittney’s story
06:11 What is a credit score (and why do we need it)?
09:30 Social media in the personal finance industry
13:56 How to feel comfortable on camera?
24:41 Branding: why is it so important?
29:30 3 Secrets To Building Wealth
37:38 What is Brittney’s opinion on crypto?