[#128] The Whole Truth About Blockchain From The Nerd – Konrad Kokosa

From .NET Nerd To Web3 Business

Konrad Kokosa is a .NET Developer with HUGE experience, author, entrepreneur and great enthusiast of Web3.

Konrad some time ago launched his new interesting project Crowdpub – decentralized way of writing books by dozens of authors and reading them as a live experience in which you can participate, with financial incentive.

? Need more information about Crowdpub?

Click here: https://crowdpub.org/

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In today’s episode:

00:00 Introduction

01:24 Why learn to communicate in English?

03:26 Why Konrad decided to move from Web 2 to Web 3

07:20 What real problem does blockchain solve?

19:00 What is Crowdpub?

30:18 What is Crowdpub’s business model?

38:20 How can you join the project or support Konrad?

39:38 Konrad’s story

46:59 How much time does Konrad spend learning blockchain?


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