[#99] Sergio Chavez – Why is education about the cryptocurrency market a NECESSARY?

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Today’s episode will be entirely in English, as we have a special guest who is a real expert in digital advertising – Sergio Chavez.

For several years he has been running his company – I Love Google Ads, which helps his clients achieve even better results and increase revenues. Don’t let that fool you!

Sergio has been actively investing in the cryptocurrency market since 2015, and that’s what today’s episode of Life Without Grumpy will be about.

In today’s episode, you’ll find a lot of valuable information about cryptocurrencies and learn why knowledge of this market today is NECESSARY.

I Love Google Ads:


In today’s episode Życie Bez Gruchy:

00:00 Introduction

02:00 When and why did Sergio decide to enter the cryptocurrency market?

04:45 Why did Sergio decide to transition from the traditional stock market?

09:33 What is Bitcoin, and what is money?

20:35 Will Bitcoin be the leading cryptocurrency all the time?

23:37 What is the best programming language for the crypto market?

25:53 Where should you start learning cryptocurrency programming?

26:21 What does Sergio think of the NFT?

32:24 What does Sergio’s portfolio look like?

36:56 Does Sergio prefer Bitcoin or Ethereum more?

38:16 Where in the Bitcoin cycle are we?

41:26 What % of Sergio’s investments are in cryptocurrencies?

48:05 Where does Sergio get his knowledge of crypto and how much time does he spend learning?

50:25 Summary

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